Always Stay Connected With Your Caregiver

Dr Vocal always keeps you connected with your care facility .


Dr Vocal can schedule daily survey and log answers to backend database in real time

Medication Tracker/Reminder

Dr Vocal can track and remind user to take their medicines.

Alerts Notification

Dr Vocal can send alert/notification to caregiver or nurse based on configured parameters like weight, temperature, BP etc.


Dr vocal deliver clinican-friendly dashboards for population management.

Dr Vocal provide solutions for Chronic Care Patients, Nursing Homes and Home based patients.

Keep Engage

Improve Patient Engagement with natural voice experiences that provide access to the resources and support patients need, when and where they need it.

Improve Health

Improve Population Health with voice enabled platform for high-risk patient populations.

Cost Reduction

Reduce Costs of Care with intelligent, voice-based remote monitoring solutions that increase early intervention, reduce risks, and reduce clinical staff demands.

Our Solutions

Dr Vocal provide solutions for Chronic Care Patients, Nursing Homes and Home based patients.

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Nursing Homes and HomeCare

Dr Vocal Integrate and combine device data with healthcare system data.

Dr Vocal Enable intelligent data-driven notifications.

Dr Vocal Deliver clinician-friendly dashboards for population management.

Dr Vocal Capture and store survey results or push to existing systems and databases.

Chronic Management

Dr Vocal powers solutions Alexa and Google Home Devies that simplifying access to information that educates patients and informs clinicians.

Pre-built templates for question answering and assessments survey.

Flexible integration with established back-end systems (EHRs, content management systems, survey dashboards, etc…).

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About Us

Our mission is to make it easy for organizations to create effective experiences that Improve Engagement and Drive Measurable Results.

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